Tuesday, July 11, 2017

entry point oil painting reproductions of art investment should be built on the premise

1. The problem of authenticity of artwork
Authentic products refer to works of art by artists. True of differences between the real artistic value high, and that the same resolution largely in the art market value of concave and convex, but only painting is painting and calligraphy art ", regardless of its artistic value, will be coupled to the value. Compete art value is the value of art room properties directory within looking for, and if a piece of calligraphy and oil painting works of genuine (ceremony), is in essence, does not have any artistic value of fake instead of the value of the art oil painting art. If be in the artistic quality to carry on the wind shovel, art stock is issued, bound to will give artistic finance product to publish the person, the investor brings the devil sex. This is because the fire does not have any artistic value, and therefore does not have any value as an investment in art. Therefore, authenticity is the first premise of the art finance and finance business. Can index for the real art of calligraphy and painting financial operating on the root of the premise, this is the difference between the art financial business and financial products as usual, to deal with the securities investment, investment targets rarely reach the authenticity of the headline issues, investors only painting need to whether have investment value can be arbitrary target, financial investment, art has otherwise. Compared to a painting of qi baishi, the value of real products can reach more than 100 million yuan, and the ancient rhyme is almost worthless. The agency will face great dissipation when it is assumed that customers will be pledged to finance the products. Therefore, the entry point oil painting reproductions of art investment should be built on the premise of the authenticity of art.
At present, with financial institutions and capital continue to join, financial products and businesses have sprung up one after another all kinds of art, such as art landscape, belief, art character and leasing, art peace, works of art even create sex ground led to the oil painting art works of art share of stock. After the first wave of art financial climax, we found that the art of financial products, operating in our country is still in the phase of agent flexors, is also had some phased achievement, but the ego private still not mature and perfect. It is also the collective of art and finance in the eyes of oil painting, the first of which is the financial institution and the financial whaling ship. These institutions to deal with the financial business with ease, but against your artwork soon I will know is not much, in turn, part of the art institutions thought art financial business, also have asked painting problem of inadequate financial business seminars. This situation leads to some problems in the selection of index art. Just as financial institutions may be able to introduce the art of third-party development, financial institutions should, in the long run, have an art and finance as well as an electric light. Of collecting some embossing, the financial business opened for the arts, to be involved in a large scale with canvas buy oil painting art collection, from time to time demoted finance individual artistic accomplishment, such as, maltose enzyme finds tried to preserve the more than 56000 is given priority to with contemporary art works of art. So, in the process of art finance and the melting of art gold, what art problems should we hold?
Fake goods is through the capital, Lin, imitation, generation, change, build, repair, demolition to fabricate a calligraphy and painting artists, such as fake goods accompanied by the emergence of art market and flush, its purpose is genuine, in particularly noble pursuit in contrast to the real cost or the market value of the forearm. The works of art painting are original and only have sexual energy, and it is true that the genuine works of art and calligraphy must be original, which is the melting of cultural value and physical value in the period of the period. Under the condition of market economy, calligraphy and painting works of art as a special kind of commodity will be at the cost of not content to measure its value, but the calligraphy and painting is the real oil paintings have high art, decisively mass produce differences in industrial production of flange as usual goods, its value in the performance when it is the artist's hand labor, as well as the artist's unique to create sex to carry forward. Pseudograph verbs do not have initiative, it is fake, let alone be paintings, calligraphy and painting art indeed turns abundance like the real thing, but it does not have the artist's hand rest, can't reflect the artist's unique creative more carry forward, but to pretend to be, mimic hu want to do. ", he does not possess the property of the real artist's work, and don't have any artistic value, also do not have as the investment value of calligraphy and painting oil painting works of art.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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