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appreciated the famous handmade oil paintings ???

There are a lot of friends, like the canvas, but do not know how to appreciate it, because of its realistic painting delicate or extensive surface effects, often gives people a strong feeling for our people now generally accepted and loved.I would like to use their own modest, I will introduce to you some of this knowledge. I mainly of Russian landscape painting, for everyone to talk about how the traditional oil painting to enjoy. (Specifically written Oil painting for non-professionals) canvas encyclopedia Greek rain forest to make a very realistic Sirkin, mood,wholesale oil painting atmosphere and mood are OK? Yes, very beautiful! Painting is easy to finish (Linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) to reconcile the pigment in the linen cloth, cardboard or wood on the production of a painting. Paint thinner used for the volatile nature of turpentine and dry Linseed oil. Pictures attached to hand painted oil painting the pigment has strong hardness, when the screen after drying, long-term to maintain luster. Western painting on canvas is the main draw species. The face of a mountain-like waves lunged, several cling broken mast in the sailor is still tenaciously fought for survival, and this is all very familiar with the oil painting "nine waves" of the screen. 19 located in the middle of the century, Russia had a sea view painteroil painting reproductions, his art is not only disturb the whole of Russia, as well as Western Europe admired contemporary artists. Pushkin and Mikhail Glinka said he was describing the warm ocean singer. Seaview famous British painter Turner full of praise for his works. Is the founder of the Russian seascape Malinowski. his expression of the sea at night,portrait oil painting especially good at describing the night the storm at sea, that broad boundless sea, sunset sunset of water vapor,Yunyan waves, waves in the moonlight playing in the storm of the vessel. All this is to show the power of nature to the performance of the Russian people's indomitable spirit. Local waves like a call from the same hill. handmade oil painting Seawater texture and light effects of paint is so good oil painting reproductions , it seems that people may think that is immersive, very soul-stirring. That is the charm of oil painting! This painting is the most successful author of a painting, people killed in battle at sea for several days, morning has broken, it is day, the sun suddenly rose from the sea, the sea issued by the beautiful light, oil reproductions and a larger waves are called. The enormous breadth of this painting shows the wave of sinister scenes Jingtao is fear, but also very romantic, like an emotional poem. Artists on their own amazing and profound understanding of the oceans. Hong Malinowski for 102 * 132 cm sea is tragic. china oil painting But the artist's impression of the habitat as it is then to the United States. This is the "distance" have had the United States. Russian history's greatest painters Seaview Wieniawski, known as the "Ocean's warm singer." 27-year-old when his was awarded the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Navy General Staff Headquarters of the title of artist. He lives of the Black Sea Fleet as the background, portrait custom oil painting creating a large number of oil paintings. He completed his life's work up to 6000 pieces. Rainbow [local]Malinowski for 102 * 132 cm water and wave good texture painting and more! Man and nature in the fight, fight, giving the power to shock, which is a kind of beauty. So far, oil painting from the birth of 600 years, first by the 14th century oil painting wholesaler Van Netherlands. Ecodipin brothers invented. And we end of the 19th century China was the only official from a handful of Europe, Japan, introduced students to study art come. It is a used oil and Linseed oil, and stearic acid made Toner pigment, painted on done foundation board oil painting supplier or cloth paintings. Since the scratch-off oil painting can be re-painting, so it can continue to modify, until satisfied. Oil paintings and watercolors, gouache paintings and other kinds of comparison, it is thick, strong. Therefore, the performance of oil can often be the big scenes and more in-depth portrait of the subject matter. Jumping in the waves in the moonlight, this portrait of a beautiful pianosupply oil painting . Seawater dynamism is also very strong. This is not a photo, but all depends on their own observation and out of memory creation. You see, delicate and rich levels, jumping and lively momentum, the moonlight and the sea of light a sense of texture, are so moved by people. People can feel as if the sound of sea water and its cold.this situation is not like listening to a beautiful symphony, a kind of beauty to your enjoyment of it? North Sea storm on his for The greatest charm of oil is four points: oil painting company 1. Fractal 2. Optical 3. Color 4. Brushwork Modeling is a painting [I am referring to the figurative paintings, does not refer to abstract] basis, and sketch is the basis of painting, popular to say on the painting like. Painting often using light to the performance of three-dimensional oil painting factory sense and sense of space. Realistic oil paintings in the show is the best. Color is the most exciting part of painting, can it be moved by you, is the main color on the charm! If an oil painting color monotonous and less of the more charismatic. Stroke is the soul artist canvas traces, or unrestrained or delicate; or cool or warm, reflects the artist's feelings and state of mind. So If you find a painting that the strokes, and that this painting is not necessarily a good painting Oh, it and the camerapictures to painting shot What is the difference between them? That we are using the camera is not better? Painting is the visual arts, painting in addition to look at it to see what is the meaning of painting outside, mainly appreciate the paintings on painting the shape, color, light, atmosphere and mood, as well as portraits of expression, facial expression, temperament and so on. Otherwise, you will not be able to have fun and enjoyment. For example, this works on the seven swans-profile modeling how beautiful vivid ah. Photos will not be allowed to arrange their own. This seven swans the size, position, spacing, separation, perspective; wings of mercy, all after careful scrutiny painter. The warm color. This has caused a very ironic sense of spaceOil painting , three-dimensional sense of flu and sunshine. Painters in the use of light and color are also a lot of originality, you see the following colors Swan wings, both blue light, the sun and the sea surface reflection Oil painters also use a variety of strokes, scraper [knife oil painting] as well as the degree to thin oil caused by a hard, soft, rough, delicate texture and so different. Therefore, the surface of paintings is often uneven. As a result of oil paint on canvas wholesale oil painting with strokes out after the emergence of a different thickness and color, this color as the painter's hand waving the United States to form a paste. Insiders appreciate is to appreciate this kind of "color the United States," [a layman can not understand is why so rugged canvas? ] Therefore, oil should distance. White mouth to the [local] Savimbi in 1871 at After a good canvas painting must also be loaded onto the frame. Oil Painting Exhibition seen friends, certainly the frame of the painting have the impression about. A few years ago the French impressionist painter exhibition on those frame on each of at least 10,000 yen. Framed oil painting is not as if General bathhouse. Arkhipov for local To illustrate the use of hand painted oil painting brushwork, I specifically put a Russian painter Arkhipov a figure. In this painting, the Artists to show a warm and harmonious atmosphere; warm sunshine, strong bright national costumes, use of broad brush, with warm, Unrestrained, free, strong, smooth strokes to performance. To see such a warm and cheerful painter's brush [a bit like a Chinese painting in the great freehand] oil painting reproductions to the performance of rural women, the audience's hearts will be touched by the author. Photographs of the feelings are not to you. This painting with light and color are also very successful. This painting has taken backlighting, several fat girl's face are from others over the clothes of light reflection, as if the addition of auxiliary light to take photographs. That for the 17th century master portrait oil painting of neoclassical This work is a three neoclassical painting works. Turkish baths Ingres France for the 19th century neo-classical master This painting called classical painting. It attaches great importance to relations sketch screen. Painting method is: first in the canvas painting a very good realistic "black and white photographs", and then in its use of special oil, dip color over and over the hood, get out, and finally completed. More use of color inherent in color, more brown hue of its reunification. Therefore, classical painting is often the color of soy sauce soup. Because of its foundation are engaged in very serious, it also looks very realistic. Color is only a little monotonoushandmade oil painting . Napoleon in France, David special neo-classical 19th century masters Classicism oil painting most of them very delicate, life-like. Like photographs. Many of the photographs of works and now there is little distinction. France Kyrgyzstan Winnipeg School works are Impressionist painter's works France under the sun naked Kyrgyzstan Winnipeg School Louis. Rittmann works This works to the beauty of human skin painted unparalleled Compare, you can see that the 19th century Impressionist works, color on the much more beautiful than classical, but also much more glorious. In the distant northern Greek Sirkin china oil paintingfor Sketches chromatics is the essence of modern painting, especially Monet and other Impressionist painters, the widespread use of modern artists Theories and methods of painting. It places particular emphasis on the inherent object color, light color and the environment the relationship between color, in short, is the object color is not entirely a matter inherent in color, it also reflective light and the impact of the surrounding environment. Therefore, the oil paintings seem particularly realistic. Across the street light oil If this one exercises, light colors are different colors, so the road will change color. Idyllic small King Another example is this one, by the light color oil painting wholesaler is yellow-green, and the shadow's color is yellow-green does not add black, it will become green, blue sky in some places there is the impact of science in color, the by glossy color and background color of the bright side, often the opposite, that is, by the smooth warm colors, back on the bright side of the cold, and vice versa. This is known as an Expressionist paintings Classical painting brushwork oil painting supplier and color was not obvious, not even. But after the invention of the camera, the artist started in these two aspects of the fuss. For example, this painting belongs to the performance of works, as the performance of the psychological feelings of the artist. Western painting in oil is mainly paintings species, it is also a wide variety of styles, classical oil paintings and delicate, but also Extensive modern painting, especially the invention of photography, many artists interested in the artist about his performance on the "performance And "style on the. Brushwork increasingly large screen more and more about simple, summed up. There are a lot of work to remove the optical performance, do not three-dimensional sense, nor speak of the sense of space. They pay more attention to the , play color, play pen, play "concept." Therefore, the modern artist's paintings, supply oil painting almost all strokes, and some even very thick stack of color screen surfaces, such performance can be very handsome indeed very "style" effect, but this way, not like photos of the [now, who did not brush painting, there is no bump ups and downs, will be insiders think it is not painting, at least is also considered as photos, tacky, etc.].
This is when we appreciate the paintings must be noted. Otherwise, people will be treated as laymen. This is an unfinished manuscript Oil Painting. Vases be part of a flowing down the oil, which is when the manuscript from one point dipped more than oil, in order to draw up some smooth. Paintings on thick and thin since there is a strengthening of the role of the performance space. Painting thin, feeling pushed far; painting thick felt conspicuous to pull close. oil painting company Canvas works are often dark and distant parts of paint thin, bright, almost part of thick paint. Large pine forests [also known as ship-timber forest] Greek Sirkin for 165 * 252 cm Each piece of small leaves, small branches of each section, each piece of the shadow, as well as falling on the floor of a branch, a real wow people. Screen rain washed out gradually hole will be time deduction (the edge of the downturn topsoil) demonstrated most vividly. (Castle Peak still language) Greek forest afar Sirkin for 19th century Russian painting, the succession of the European classical painting, but also by the impact of impressionist color. So it can be said that oil painting factory such realism painting reached its peak. If you read my album Tatsu. Vinci - Ingres painting of the classical period, you can compare them. Works of that period, mainly in brown, like soy sauce soup. Now the painting in front of you, the more beautiful. Noon outside Moscow for Greek Sirkin Author To show the vast world outside Moscow, intends to put under a quarter of the horizon in order to show that most of the clouds momentum, roads and fields of a sense of perspective painting extremely successful, people feel a thousand miles distance, unlimited far-reaching . Far left near the home of smoke and the farmers pointed out that the theme of noon. Painted clouds and the field is much more rods ah! Oak Greek Sirkin for A group of cattle to the water ditch Koike towards the end of the day, in the Great resting quietly under a tree. The earth is bathed in midday sun,pictures to painting fields unlimited extension of a far-reaching manner, apart from the occasional moment to hear cow cattle call, the screen very quiet. . . . . . Woodside flowers for Greek Sirkin In photography or in black and white era, artists have to be extremely realistic painting for himself, and in photography has been developed to use the digital era, some artists feel that the re-painting it so there is no way out [In fact, some people are not drawn out, say, are sour grapes], part of the artist is still doggedly insist that this painting, but has added a number of deformation, exaggeration, has strengthened the use of strokes and so on. Sirkin Greek forest depths for 209 * 161 cm I have some young people to see such a high degree paintingof realism oil paintings on castigated on scoff at the practice can not understand. I personally think that any art, as long as they can be extreme, they should recognize its achievements. As long as people give to the United States enjoy, as long as people can admire his ability and skills, they should recognize the people is remarkable. What you can send to engage in what camp, but you should not be divorced from history, to belittle the big artists. Moreover, the real master is not your curse will be brought down by a few. Instead, you may not see a village of amateur, or that your modesty! Chi Leliel landscape painter 1842 --- 1910 Lake Ladoga Leliel Chi is a unique style of landscape painters, 19th century style of nature's most romantic singer, his landscape works crisp color, contrast strong, beautiful and unique in a nutshell a decorative delight. Ukraine is the representative of the evening, a very famous. Localized near the stone and semi-submerged in the water of the stones, and very ordinary things, even let him paint so beautiful, really is not easy! Ukraine evening for Leliel Chi Western oil painting, pay attention to is the sketch (modeling, lighting) and color, to the 19th century, color technology has greatly developed. Artists have to know how to use color contrast to the painting objects.
Look, the house above, by the light part of the white walls with a red sunset, and the backlight of the dark, but it is gray-green. This Red and Green is the color contrast to [the professional relationship between language called complementary color] artists understand the relationship between the complementary color, the color level greatly to be a big step forward. This progress is the impressionist painter from the beginning. Prior to this, classical paintings painter mostly like soy sauce, like soup, drawings good relationship, but it is hard to really bright colors together. Impressionism, the color looks really good. This painting has always been art teacher as an example of knowledge stresses color. After thunderstorms Chi for Leliel This painting is very lyrical, also painted with decorative. It is said that this painting into the future, it specifically for artists opened an exhibition, [only one painting] to see a lot of people, and rave reviews. Levitan golden autumn for The painting is very famous, white birch fall in the blue sky of beautiful leaf-like gold foil issued sound, fields all the plants, all infected with a gold and a river of water reflected the blue sky of autumn, it The yellow color and formed a strong contrast to the golden hues were more impressed. Levitan for Moonlight Levitan is a very talented artist, but only live a 39-year-old died cunning Jie moon hanging sky, the earth was a bright shine. This depends on the artist's paintings inspired by memories and painted. Although not detailed, but the United States mood too! Especially women friends, you are not very romantic, very poetic it? Dusk. Levitan for the moon Russian outstanding landscape painter's works, filled with the spirit of patriotism, in the show Russian natural context, they can naturally given to the unique social significance. And delicate style, blending scenarios, poetic scene, full of democratic thinking. Levitan's landscape is outstanding, it can be distinguished Russian composer Tchaikovsky comparable. Volga River on the breeze for Levitan You play to their imagination, use their own language, for the mood of this painting. This painting is used hue, soft warm yellow and blue-gray add radiance to each other gives the immersive feel.

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Ah, multi-day Cleaner Water! Warm yellow tune the performance of the evening in front of a quiet, curved wooden bridge broke the composition of several monotonous horizon, the thick dark also makes water cleaner, brighter days, looked after in a good mood ah ease. Enjoy the landscape is mainly to see how the mood, a good landscape certainly has a poetic mood in general. When you can appreciate how much fun to see if y
our own experience and imagination of the. Thank you for your visit, how, you have an oil painting will appreciate the inner。Congratulations! If Any more queries, and I welcome you to explore together.

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Impressionist oil painting to introduce to the world

The latter half of the 19th century-early 20th century popular in France, Europe and the United States and the world of an art school and cultural trends. Impressionist art Impressionist painting as a genre emerged in France. March 25, 1874, C. Monet, P.-A. Renoir, C. Pissarro, A. Sisley, E. Edgar, P. Cezanne, B. Moriceau such as a group young French painter, was held in Paris unknown painter, sculptor, engraver Exhibition, due to a Monet exhibition, entitled "sunrise impression" the subject of paintings by an old-fashioned view of the press to borrow, the author ridiculed for this exhibition as "Impressionist painter Exhibition", was produced or Impressionist Impressionist name. Point of view in art,Impressionist painter oppose legitimate status at the time accounted for classical academic opposition to the increasingly fall into the conventional, artificial romanticism painting, but in C. Corot, Barbizon School and G. Courbet, etc. people under the impetus of realist style, absorbing the Netherlands, Britain, Spain, Japan, China and other countries painting nutrition, as well as by modern science, especially the optical source of inspiration, all the colors that are produced in the light, and therefore they have the basis of spectral Chek Orange Green Green to the deployment of seven-color blue-violet color. Due to the rapidly changing alone, they think that only capture light shine between fast can reveal the mystery of nature. Therefore, in drawing attention to the external light of the study and performance to stand outdoors in the sun based on eye observation and direct sense of the scene painting, showing images in the light irradiation, the subtle changes in color. This Impressionist painting in the shadow of handling, a reversal of the traditional black and switched to painting has brightness blue, purple and other colors. Personal interest as a result of different Impressionist painters are divided into light and color and re-re-modeling and sketches of two types, the former by Monet, Renoir, as represented, the latter represented by Degas, Pissarro is between the two between. As a result Oil painting of the pursuit of light and color outside the performance of Impressionist painter mainly around chores and direct knowledge of life as a theme, depicting the reality of multi-character and natural landscape. More interception in the composition of a fragment objective wholesale oil painting images or scenes to deal with the screen, breaking the boundaries of painting and artistic creation. Impressionist painters were hand painted oil painting conducted by 8 exhibition, the former two are media lashed out at the time, and gradually become a significant impact on the art schools, and expand to other artistic fields. Impressionist painting in the formation and development process, has been E. Manet support and encouragement. As an art oil painting reproductions ideas and Impressionist painting art history handmade oil painting in the world with an important position, it promoted the art techniques beyond the concept of innovation and change in Europe and the United States, Japan and even China's painters have had a greater or lesser impact. Impressionist music impressionistic music pioneered by the French composer Debussy. Impressionism in music in the word first appeared in 1887, the French Academy portrait oil painting of Fine Arts of the judges accused of Debussy studies in Rome at the time of the second "carry out an assignment work" Symphonic Suite from "spring" structure is not clear to him " Impressionist vigilance vague. " In 1894 his "String Quartet" was premiered in Brussels, the critics began to use "impressionistic music" to be commended. After the term is often used to sum up Debussy and style with him close china oil painting to the music, and no longer carry derogatory implications. Impressionism is a selection of music from the late Romanticism and the nation in the evolution of music to send out, at the same time assimilate nutrients Oriental music. Its practice of artistic expression: ① to short tunes cells into the motives of a novel portrait painting vocabulary. ② in the rhythm like the rhythm of complex rhythms and complex, irregular rhythms weakened impetus to the breakdown, showing the flow of loose state. ③ attention to mode of expression, according to the image of the adoption of the corresponding mode. To expand the concept of tonality, often to Oil painting avoid explicit type Bandha. The use of whole tone scale so that each mode of a UN-tone equal status, weakened flu-dispatch center, there polytonality factors. ④ As the preferences of different color and sound for two-dimensional painting-style side by sidewholesale oil painting, Harmony has become the most important means of expression. Chord structure by increasing the possibility of harmony with the weakening of the functionality, be extremely rich in color and sound. ⑤ sound rich, unique and novel. hand painted oil painting In vocal works often use the lack of luster and drama forces bass District. Extensive use of a variety of musical colors law means. ⑥ orchestrated arrangements with Texture novel. ⑦ loose structure often vague, but many of his works can still see the outline of the trilogy style. Debussy later, although it was difficult to completely under the impression of a composer's ranks, but the Impressionist music style and the way the actual impact oil painting reproductions of the music world-wide. Impression of literature and literary historians think that the impression in the 19th century into the 70s after the literature, but literature Impressionist performance, and which writers and poets are impressionistic, but There are different theories. Able to identify only the end of the 19th century and early 20th century Western Europe, some writers do have similar Impressionist painting and music the kind of creative approach, which is committed to portrait oil painting capture the fleeting feeling of vague impression. Due to the special nature of literature, literature in the Impressionist more attention to such an instant sense of the experience of how to translate into emotional state. With painting and music is the same impression, but also opposed to the description of the links between things in a logical or rational extraction processing, so they became my message with the instinctive reaction to external stimuli intermediary between. Impressionist literature and literary symbolism between the category of the pass, and they are the literary genre formalism; but there are also different, mainly due to Impressionism to express opposition to the use of symbolic thinking, and tend to describe the feeling. Symbolism is generally considered some of the poet, in fact, more inclined to Impressionism, handmade oil painting for example, one of the leaders symbolism Paul "Poetry," a poem, rather than talking about symbolism as it is an impression Manifesto. French literary historians as the Goncourt brothers impression Fiction representatives, another is seen as representative of the French Impressionist poet, novelist, indeed some of his poems, such as impressionist painter, as in " capture the feeling of an instant impression ", but not all works are so. 20th century French Impressionist certain writers are seriously china oil painting affected, some of the novel only feel hazy impression pursuit. Britain's 19th century part of Oscar Wilde, who works, Impressionist more obvious tendency. 1912 ~ 1918 in London as part of Anglo-American poet composed imagery School, and would like to underscore the feeling of Impressionist impression portrayed, but they claim to pursue a "clear and tough" image. They think that the image is fuzzy and not clear the remainder of the Romantic style, which fully to attacks. However, in theory, the differences in the creative practice, portrait painting sometimes it is difficult to detect, such as the United States Imagist poet, John high Fletcher, who works with many Impressionism without distinguishing between the poems. Literature in Germany is also similar, literary historians unable to confirm the boundaries of distinct schools of impressionism. Detlef letters to Liuzhou, led by Lee, including the wearing Richard Zimmer, Gustav falke and others, is considered Germany's impression of the most obvious tendency School, but they stressed the factual record things to the poet's sense of experience, so close to naturalism. In addition, such as Hugo Hofmannsthal letters and many others poems also have varying degrees impression tendencies. Impressionist term also refers to a kind of literary criticism known as impressionism criticism, that is, feeling-style criticism. Refused to comment on such criticism works rational scientific analysis, and critics of the aesthetic intuition stressed that the criticism is just the best record in the process of critics feel the United States, up to point out that this is how the United States and the impression created is that in which under the condition of being felt. Therefore, the impression that criticism is a dim, there is no clear proof "solution to poetry poem"-style criticism, often written in the form of prose, literary criticism has become a kind of literary creation and there is no essential difference between the arts categories, write text that criticism itself is often a poet or writer.

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Based on the comprehensive practical platform supporting gastroscope room renovation, the focus of the platform is not a factor market opera...