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As of January 6, the movie "I take cultural relics in the palace" 21 days of harvest oil painting

As of January 6, the movie "I take cultural relics in the palace" 21 days of harvest at the box office of 6.2 million yuan, this is the "core" audience with the film tickets for, since many cinemas have morning or afternoon of a row, including douban score of 7.6 Xiao Han particularly grateful to all of this makes director, he said "I was lucky. In 2015, Xiao Han with Liang Junjian directed the documentary "the Himalayan ladder" govinda big screen, also make a lot of attention, has become the People's Daily recommended one of five year movie. Recently in the hit movie at the same time, "I take cultural relics in the palace" book publishing and strike of the same name, director Xiao Han CNX green demon also came to a lot of viewers in front, talk about the fans called "cultural relic" behind the documentary.
Lens finally in the working stage to the teacher
A year ago, in early January, 2016, television documentary "I take cultural relics in the palace" in quietly in the fire, the documentary 3 sets with young perspective into the ancient imperial palace, the first system combed the restoration of historical origin of the imperial palace and repair skill. "All this is a chance," said Xiao Han, "because of the national Palace Museum, 90 anniversary, we shot of your application is approved, the lens finally in the working stage to the teacher."
As early as 2010, Xiao Han they have such a wish, hope will have been hidden in the deep corner of the imperial palace, unknown restorer, show in front of the cameras, have the opportunity to let the public know. So from that time on, Xiao Han partners, I take cultural relics in the palace, "the producer jian-jun lei has led his students in-depth research of the imperial palace for many times, write the field survey of nearly 100000 words. Preparation, while waiting, watched some teacher retirement and restart, Xiao Han, they have been close to their lenses, until the 90th anniversary of the national Palace Museum YuanQing to some cultural relics on display at the centralized repair information, Xiao Han learned can take the message, "I have some feel suddenly".
To propose a toast to the documentary "burn"
Xiao Han their shooting and later took less than a year time, those hidden clock, wood, bronze ware, palace painting and calligraphy at the Palace Museum, silk embroideries, lacquer and other rare cultural relics behind restorer, revealed to the public for the first time the inner world and daily life. In early 2016, a documentary I take cultural relics in the palace in the channel of CCTV 9, then the red network, won nearly one hundred oil painting million hits, watercress score is as high as 9.4 "playing god". "Tens of thousands of encouragement and praise, and countless parties comments let us pleasantly surprised, nature also have a little bit scared." Xiao Han also ask yourself: what is moved so many people's heart, let us together for the documentary "burning up"?
Special living example is 55, the Forbidden City horological restorer Wang Jin inadvertently become "gods" red "" network. Green monster, at 7 o 'clock in the morning, on the 103 bus, suddenly, there was a young girl walked through the car to the last row of seats in front: are you teacher wang? I see you half a day, true to hold, I will soon be out of the car, can a photo with you? It is endless. Green monster, said before the sudden arrival of reputation, master Wang Jin unusually calm, still to work by bus every day, does not accept a photo, the concentration is repair career brings his 40 years in the Palace Museum, is also the cause of many "after 90" like him.
Don't hurry to go to the movie said "slow"
"For the imperial palace this theme, it is worthy of being present on the big screen." Xiao Han think people should in a huge movie quietly watching a documentary on the screen, rather than hurry to go to the movie said "slow". The film also because that the kind of "choose the, eventually life" attitude and nostalgic, human kindness and move people. In those old antiques, hundreds of thousands of years of cultural relics, cold, behind the vivid story vividly flowing on the screen - like to drop around freely to an "I'll ShouKang palace dozen water"; In a small yard lazily to tease the offspring of "royal cat"; In lunch breaks or ride electric vehicles outside the gate a cigarette... It is these funny daily life, let this group of people's living.
Saw the audience of the journal I take oil painting reproductions cultural relics in the palace of the west three bungalow small courtyard left a very deep impression. This is a mixed courtyard and a bump restorer of cultural relics to the ministry of science and the work place. "Who has a shows that roll out not long rhythm." Green demon said, "have a good relationship between people here to work, the sort of relaxed and warm have a kind of different from the modern society of human, this is probably connected to enrage's sake." And at the end of 2016, the palace of the bump of science and technology has moved from small courtyard, moved to a new building known as the "hospital", here have more conducive to cultural relics preservation of the environment and more ideal repair space. "I take cultural relics in the palace" to a certain extent, record the yard last a fresh time, "an era is over, instead of the beginning of another time, the imperial palace will inject more fresh blood."
Craftsman of thinking is based on honesty
To green monster most regrets in the Forbidden City interviews restorer, and often hear a word: "over". "On both sides of the color with over, with your eyes, mean patch on the parts to the original color of checking, over, is one integrated mass, is can't tell which is the original, where is after repair. Repair the old as before, can be highly advanced. Such as calligraphy and painting repair is the key of the paper, also will be affected by any carelessness destroy cultural relics, the need to rub a finger slowly twist, twist into tiny pieces, a picture will for a month, the process is very boring, patience." On screen restorer, they say, "dry line we don't want to be lazy anyway, less is not done, you have to do more, not understanding must do more, to find the feeling to", the simplicity of vernacular, let workman's world present in front of audience. Green monster is reporter, had an interview with Taiwan's agriculture, have deep Tibet for several years, concludes village of intangible cultural heritage and inheritance, the restorer of cultural relics of interview to her special regrets, "compared to the jump divergent thinking and creative artists, artisans of thinking is based on honesty, care about each item of it, is facing the cultural relics are treading on thin ice meticulousness, namely professional fear and humility."
Xiao Han mentioned, hou hsiao-hsien has taken a documentary "palace" in Taipei, named "ChengShiLi craftsman feat". Also is to focus on the "workers", the director did not use individually about technique to show the treasures, but has chosen three anonymous craftsmen work the qianlong period, and the meticulous depiction developed around them and rich lenovo, with these anonymous craftsmen immortal works, to grasp the heart of times craftsmen and the thickness of culture in one thousand. Xiao Han happily said, "I take cultural relics in the palace" had the opportunity to become one of the film in cinemas in Taiwan in 2017, also hope to be able to cause the resonance of the Taiwan compatriots.

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Peter Paul Rubens painting with his voice expressed the defending world peace

Peter Paul Rubens painting with his voice expressed the defending world peace
"Maybe I should go out to travel, to forget the sad constantly emerging."
- Rubens
Peter Paul Rubens (Peter Paul Rubens) in 1577 a 1640 carats just lose the only daughter, then in 1626, his wife died of the black death and Isabella. In the face of upheaval, he only choose to accept diplomatic mission to continuously "run away" to heal.
Mediate the west the dispute between the two countries, became his most remarkable prominent achievements.
In 1628, the Spanish began to change the belligerent attitude to Britain, then MiZhao Rubens as a negotiator.
Rubens to Spain, found that the young king Philip iv ardent love art degree, surprised the king visited him every day. In April 1629, he personally go to the UK, as the matter of the alliance.
King Charles I of England itself is an art patron and collectors, see Rubens, a more personable and intelligent people to its leave deep impression.
"Rubens, you of painting achievement is very here, I want to fee of 3000 pounds, entrust you with the engineering decoration state banquet hall, there are 9 pictures hope to describe the first emperor of great achievements."
Charles I said "regarding an alliance with Spain, of which there are international diplomatic situation of realistic consideration. Believe that you are very clear, its alliance with the German, unless agreed with each other, or not to rob the peace with Spain. What's more, my only sister has also with the German prince married."
"Your majesty, your concerns I understand."
Rubens after return to room, thought: "how to break the deadlock?" Looked at the easel painting, Rubens mood fell to the bottom, "the king is sure my talents, but after all, a state returned, even if it is a good personal relationship, between I and Kings also of no help, can draw what's the use?"
To glance at the easel painting, Rubens suddenly in a flash, said excitedly: "who said that painting was useless? The king is a people who know their painting, he must know my picture in what to say."
Rubens force and not to mention his pen, began to draw the picture with a painting of the great peace task.
On this day, Rubens painting visit Charles I.
"O king, I know that you love art, therefore, specially drew this picture for you."
"Thank you for your intention, I'm so happy."
Charlie beside the yeare the he goes to the painting, focus on looking at the picture, don't say a word.
Oil painting: minerva to defend the peace, the painter: Rubens
Oil painting: "minerva defense of peace", the painter: Rubens
Picture, the god of wisdom minerva struggling to push away the ares, goddess of destruction panic to lead the ares retreat; Shadow after war, goddess of peace with breast milk in charge of the wealth of young children, a woman carrying gold and silver jewelry, and another woman jubilantly play the wonderful music, all immersed in the joy of peace in the world.
It turns out that understands diplomacy oil painting reproductions Rubens, mapped the allegorical paintings "minerva defending peace" gave Charles I.
"Your majesty, the day of peace for the people bring happiness and prosperity."
"You are the god of hope I and intelligent minerva, do a defend peaceful warrior!" Touched by the king, coupled with tight financial position also does not allow war, finally decided to sign a peace treaty with Spain.
Rubens with a brush, won an art diplomatic battle.
In 1630, king Charles I of England as the recognition of merit, bestowed Rubens chivalry, a sword and a diamond ring. In 1631, the Spanish king Philip iv knight titles awarded to him.
He with excellent talents, a painting to the creation of new bureau, peace negotiations success this time.
Rubens, not only is a leading European painter, is a distinguished diplomat.

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