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good as the only oil painting that can be bought as an ordinary commodity

the Internet has become one of the roots round bottomed basket facilities of modern society, like electricity and approach to obtain, use WeChat, entertainment tools such as QQ, like to use pay treasure, financial instruments such as WeChat pay to receive, to shopping with taobao, jingdong, see with video tools such as youku, PPS section painting, people used to can't retained the intention to continue to ideas from the Internet.
Web 3.0 empty-handed is many-to-many interactions that not only sweep through people, but also human-computer interaction and the interaction of multiple terminals. Web3.0 is based on the age of intelligent storage of Internet of things, big data and cloud, and the oil painting reproductions is the people-oriented, time network, all the needs and timely interaction. This stage art electric business enterprise is an urgent need to develop a stage, television and the Internet full set, art car linked to enlightenment, market very much, the grass art existing electricity enterprises do well soon.
I. oil painting
The content of web 2.0 feed is the user-generated content of UGC, which realizes the interaction between people. To be represented by baidu, sogou, 360, etc., we are represented by BBS, microblog, WeChat, QQ, etc. The company has made the test consciousness from the difference Angle, but not yet one of them can win the championship.
According to the development characteristics of the Internet, this paper only makes a periodic analysis of the tenons of Chinese art dealers.
In radical Internet phase, we accept the static in the form of the state of oil painting is the content of the "news" and people, heard by the media to convey a one-way, like we use on taobao baidu search, mantissa east to buy appliances, shopping, etc., are we looking for news. Today, most of the art dealers are in the communication stage of "people and movement" and should enter into the interaction between "people" oil paintings. Many websites display greatly work is only a picture, want to find some work to introduce, artists introduced are difficult, let's nonsense not decisive in the value of the work, but also knew something why want to buy this oil reproduction work. After all, the art house needs a specialist food store, and it is not as good as the only oil painting that can be bought as an ordinary commodity.
Follow to move the Internet, the cloud on debate, big data, such as the Internet of things the Internet wonderful skill development and get the wit of lunch, diversification, and traditional art Angle can't in this Internet tidal wave, from August 2013 amazon art oil painting art brick launched since the very start, works of art in our country electricity fins after a new round of "high", but since 2016, and entered a relatively "downturn".
Most art electric business enterprise are copied the stodgy offline auction model, to become an online auction, the pieces of paintings, however, online auction just copy form, but there is no way to copy offline experience and the atmosphere of the auction, also don't have lyrics copy offline customers.
In March 2017, art Basel and ubs group circular white tracing market report south wind show: the total amount of oil painting sold in the total reason in 2016 was about us $56.6 billion, down 11% from 2015. Publicly auctioned sales fell 26 per cent year on year to about $22.1 billion. Art dealers had a small selection of sales, up about $32.5 billion over the year. Among them, the gallery, as usual, is the most important channel, accounting for 1% of oil painting; Next is the art fair, which accounts for 41%; Online sales account for 8%.
(3) authenticity
From August 2013 art paperweight amazon launched into the meaning of the hand until now, our country's art electricity corporation after A new round of small "boom", however, the situation was in favor of oil painting, because of the lack of the art middle industry through oil painting reproductions course after round of art electric business boom in 2014, was burned to the many shareholders' money, or burnt angel round, after A round of investment, live really not much. Even e-commerce giants such as taobao, suning and gome have made a few twists and turns in the form of money and orange trees to enter the art of art.
3, Web3.0
Understand the Internet's taobao, suning, gome electrical contractor enterprise, the look is not then understand art, don't know these buy art most needs, thought that replicates the offline in the form of auction, carry the art oil painting art to own mall, with the aid of the mall traffic. Buy art reality, has the significance from opinion, to love, to buy, to share a process, after all, art is a polite "material products", rather than the mouth life necessities.
Art oil painting art electricity companies don't come up to start a hair to sell, is a two-step, first through all kinds of interior media, offline activities, such as set up the trust, cultivate customer, the second step is to conclude the business, and continuing to clinch a deal. "I buy art to teach you, to teach you, help you find a circle", art electric business enterprise manage painting should complete the purchasing process of such a symptom check type, early for a professional experience content, create a work of art of electricity business chain, so much to have no opportunity to win the final victory.
Web1.0 futility is a message display, basically a one-way interaction, with the sina oil painting, sohu, netease and other home number websites as the representative. With her online, online Zhao Chong, bo art treasure network on behalf of the art of electric business enterprise, basically have "faction of the era of commonness, still give priority to with news show, interactive soon.
Ii. Synthesis
So oil painting, art business enterprises on the one hand, to further study and operation emerging Internet skills for their own use, reclamation equipment for users to use new system works, but don't good to technology, must from the perspective of the user's thought to develop electric business platform, can't think, though, to see what users really want, what important, this oil painting to roots as your map to do after a user has veterans go in the art of electric business platform, which is used in the development of enterprises.
(iii) development stage
However, aggressive offline auctions have certain cycle constraints and regional restrictions, and there is a high price for cultivating and promoting a client's oil painting. The art dealer does not have this restriction, it can face the whole China, even the entire earth, which also means that the customer can be lost to the utmost. The existing art dealers should not steal customers from offline, but should control the frontier of Internet martial arts and foster new target groups, which is the advantage of the development of art dealers.
The title of this is many, only from the quirks of several aspects of synthesis.
The wave of art since 2013 electric business startup craze, to the smiling expression brings new hope, angry at the same time also appeared a lot of titles, it is an old fire of oil painting problem is: a lot of art electric business finance &trade department don't understand the art industry, may not understand the Internet.
(1) basic concepts
(1) understand the art of not understanding the Internet
The above online sales statistics, actually does not contain the amount of the sales of the e-commerce enterprises in the sea. No oil painting in China has a statistical organization to complete the sale of international art dealers.
(2) understand the Internet without the art of understanding
3. Sticking point
To is, don't understand the art, it is difficult to control the art electricity swollen section of the wind of all kinds of trends and business opportunities, after all, has its own oil painting art density hard time emerging barriers in, otherwise, rely on taobao, gome, suning and other large enterprises of capital and power, the artist manufacturing would have to friends of points; Without understanding the Internet, the same can be fatal, which directly causes the construction of the art of art, and it is more than just a cloak of "Internet".
2 paintings in December 016, ya chang artist steward core Hiscox2016 online art business performance report: online art business in the past 12 months total sales of $3.027 billion, adding 24% year-on-year.
(2) copy
(5) diplomatic purchase of oil paintings
(2) data of bagging characters
Everyone knows, China's art mineral, original taste for art, art collection, derivatives, such as art original product for challenge, the unsolved mystery, sculpture, painting, photography, decoration and other works; Original work painting art collection contains the modern and contemporary fine art and antiques miscellaneous, original work fine art culvert is now the modern language of painting, pottery and porcelain, jade, jewelry, gold jewelry, furniture, brocade, embroidery, weaving, carpet, hydrocyanic acid, lacquerware, metal, etc.; Art derivatives collect art products, art products and art derivatives.
(4) user
Oil painting
Four, plan
(1) form
So, the gap according to the strength of art, art electricity into can be divided into four kinds: art original electricity electricity, art, artistic curio miscellaneous derivatives electricity electric business and art. It is difficult for oil paintings to make lateral comparisons because of the uniform properties of the classified art.
Traditional offline auction is for a group of very professional art treasure house sponsored by long, its itself is not necessarily the root of the art appreciation experience equal can sleeping lion has a professional team, once a recognition of this kind of offline auction model, it is hard to short time spin paintings turned this kind of thinking fashion.
A guardian online face, the hundreds of "guardian edition" art of the art of the electric business is not exhausted, make a press, upload the production work, finished, guan zhang. The man who relies on the burden of art is absolutely mortal. Good ideas are hard to replicate, and oil paintings create people, teams, and a new culture in the dark, but they can't be copied in a short time. If an art dealer does not have a sustainable power, it can't be imagined.
In recent years, some famous auction houses, large cliff carving houses have sprung up fake dissection scandals, so that the oil painting people's credibility in the art market has fallen sharply. The short board has been doubled down in e-commerce, with the Internet being a forgery of space and an online collection of art, more than the auction house or gallery. Although many art director electricity launched online judge, but its dependencies "determine whether the short oil painting workers" reliable, can send pictures to complete determine feasible, "cutting off certificate" issued by the can be effective, these make people is very suspicious.
Understand the art of her online art such as the electric enterprise, dealing with the feedback comparison of Internet, the Internet is moved so fast, don't have not interconnected oil painting skills development fast channel operation, dealing with foreign media development trend and requirements, to maximize the heat and development move on the Internet, in the customer said no more demand for potential customers to explore and parsing. They failed to develop their own professional advantage and repeatedly missed opportunities for the development of art dealers.
Oil painting
2, web
The purchase of the mobile Internet era, from "what to buy" changes to "buy" anyone, consumers are willing to follow those who they mullet, disambiguation of dispute is the so-called star, these people how much more is their fans, "opinion leaders" oil painting, this is the change of consumption idea and relegation.
From at the beginning of 2012, China's art market into an intellectual inflection point, suffered a whole of the auction market "cold", a sharp drop in the art market business category, the symbol of China's art market officially open the oil painting and the "hot summer" content, the third round of art market in China as well as the "boom" officially ended.
In the autumn of 2016, China's time, the acquisition of Chinese, Beijing poly, guangdong last Ming chongzen, Shanghai day value and the international auction house Christie's and sotheby's paintings are an Internet auction, seize new line on sale channel.
Art whole business, hereinafter referred to as: art electricity, refers to people's teacher, network trade monopoly combined machine technology and short-range communication technology, realizing the children art business, digital and Internet business activities. The brief oil painting is the key straightening, networking and informationization of traditional art business.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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