Monday, June 5, 2017

oil portrait micro cosmic order in the human body art its culture as the withered

The cat in minerva was always on the way to the evening when the eagle was in the late afternoon. Our thoughts on the art oil painting reproductions of the hsi are deep and introspective, not the water of the dragonfly, the catch. The tower of art and the custom will not be discernible.
How much more? There is no such thing as a universal aesthetic. Groce wrote in "aesthetic sense" : "because beauty is not a simple sugars, after all, it does not belong to this, which belongs to the people, belongs to the strength of mind". But during the fast food type of zhuang people away from the graceful soul, with unexpected to attract all round the person's field of vision, make originally paintings belong to the "Olympic Games" art for the sake of "guinness", is only limited by imagination. The so-called "art" is often filled with uninformed indices.
Economy of air ball broke through the solo dance culture between shielding, grasps the change of design and art world time, a variety of artistic practice, genre painting, writing and language form the fragments of multiple open tedious landscape. Dana once in "the philosophy of art," said: "the scientific value of various art forms and the number of all kinds of artists, popularity and factions they intend to completely similar, take them as the way of the human spirit, and the faction more similar patterns of thought, human energy painting wind yee revealed that behave more chic." However, the present sacrifice is becoming more and more vague, even the genealogy of the art aesthetic, in the confusion of the phoenix.
In central China as the main body of the core of the western civilization, safe jiuzhou, across the four seas, have and then match academic, oil painting, orthodox, like the work of very beautiful flowers, flowers are blooming in all their beauty. Its civilization, to match, happy is the orthodox idea; Focus and western civilization often embrasured watchtower, easy to spread to gather, their ornamental and the famed MeiZhi,oil portrait micro cosmic order in the human body art, its culture as the withered for glory and synergies of lei, you don't make deter-mined oil painting the diameter of the forest of fixed capital. Let's no root art should not be the pursuit of a flash in the pan, means less than for the purpose of quick buck, civil revolt make pedantic national state, and shall, in the funeral leave inheriting the roots, in return to nature completely mentality, to maintain "created in China", "China" and "ancient" oil painting, Chinese ancient art will have a really big beauty beyond the forest.
On the one hand, we look forward to breaking the art of art and connecting with the world. On the other hand, because of the "retrospective" herons in Chinese culture, we will not completely deny the conservative views and the ultimate. The betrayal of Chinese artists is often based on the art of western art. Because of the difference between the national conditions and the cultural differences, the imitation of the Chinese people is like the imitation of the Chinese people. Hugo once said, "beauty has only one model, but the ugly is the same." Eccentric and uglier overseas Chinese tend to have a lot of room for performance, or to satisfy the need for a lack of curiosity, which makes the unsatisfied oil painting artists a big deal.
Throw out mix become truly, radical inherent finely breach of civilization in China, the price of the art and application is no longer meet the necessary materials, breeding and aesthetics and but implicitly or explicitly granted to disobey the of all kinds of lines. Is valid during thought Socrates namely beautiful, painting is ugly, useless but the intellect is expanded, since the gate to the putative foe warhol open art, infinite vendors of this art and culture of fire production, threw himself into through simulation, duplicate, call and collage of the endless cycle of self down, become strange. Spontaneous simulation, considerate pandering to follow suit, and cater to the oil painting roofs up to date with the consumption of melodramatic manner, should enjoy sex, make two sides go to the forefront of the much-maligned art. Mouth and art in frontier areas will become more and more vague,oil painting china differences, art of daily life in contemporary China with deduction has reached to a variety of upstream, to be a good art form and response to more practical oil painting audio-visual, are tokoshow.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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