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the average price of oil painting aloes really is on the rise, and rise basically stable at around 30%, low quality of aloes

Over the past decade, the average price of oil painting aloes really is on the rise, and rise basically stable at around 30%, low quality of aloes, raw materials or slower, but the high quality of agalloch eaglewood price can rise more than 50% per year, material scarcity and art collection market, under the push of aloes, caused the attention of many people.
But, from the point of view in recent years, a lot of those only see aloes aloes investment collection attribute this side, often can bring immeasurable spiritual loss. Although aloes in each big auction repeated day price, but look from whatever history, or from the perspective of the culture of aloes, actually aloes are mainly used for pharmaceutical, food and noble people elegant cultural exchange, aloes culture is with culture, wine culture, tea culture coexist, one of the four cultural means a collection of art is to invest more.
Don't attach aloes as investment collection tools, Sun Yuhui think, today, for the vast majority of the investment part of people at the top end, also should not only see the aloes investment collection attribute, and it should be one's own cultural attributes, makes your circle of life and become more interesting.
In addition, aloes Sun Yuhui analysis investment collection market found that "on the market in recent years, with the aloes investment collection, there have been some strange phenomena, such as, appear on the market a lot of" aloes has the collection value "" can be submerged aloes collectable" speech and misleading. These phenomena of investment collectors also caused some disturbance and trouble, a lot of people don't understand the value of aloes, but follow suit, and the "investment collection aloes, no eyes and no nose to smell, but listening with ears" phenomenon, the somebody else say what good, he investment collection of what, this is a big taboo aloes investment collection. But in fact is not such. Origin of aloes are mainly concentrated in southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and China's guangdong, hainan and other places, the value of aloes is based on the year, taste, region, rarity, volume, the factors such as the comprehensive evaluation of added value.
Year of normal speaking, under the same region, the higher the grease content is higher, the greater the density, the better the taste, but does not rule out external factors such as soil and forming environment lead to the relatively poor taste. So it also decided that the same proportion, the better the taste, the higher the value.
Furthermore, not all aloes has the oil painting reproductions collection value, is not only has the collection value, the submerged aloes in terms of region, HuiAn relatively few aloes, star of aloes relative yield more, therefore, aloes HuiAn department level generally oval or collectable, star of aloes submerged floating above just has the collection value.
In addition, the greater the volume of aloes, more rare, the stronger the plasticity, it also determines the volume of aloes big price is far higher than the small size of aloes. And for the small pendant carving, carved the fine art, represent the higher added value, the hand painted oil painting higher the value. For large, general big aloes has a natural beauty of the conformal and sculpt and fee is too much big aloes are commonly so exquisite carvers, due to the quality more commonly so good big aloes sculpture dominated proportion generally not more than 30%.
So Sun Yuhui think advice aloes investment collectors, when making aloes investment collection, should pay attention to comprehensive value of a aloes, higher comprehensive value of aloes collection investment collection value can only come in the future.
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