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oil painting unexpectedly fell in love with "money", some "chi" is met

After retirement, empathy don't love, oil painting unexpectedly fell in love with "money", some "chi" is met. Intercommunion together to talk about money, "money", over time, I am a deeper, cannot extricate oneself, often see "money" eyes open, talk about "money", get a favorite "money", but also be elated. Regularly run a antique street, YouBi market, home is the law of the People's Republic of China yuan atlas of turned over and over, contrast one by one hand notes, and appearance, the watermark, looking for memorization, forget all about eating and sleeping, and even his wife cried several times for dinner also didn't hear, is really a man not spin and reel at the same time, attention, the momentum that collecting stamps when I was young.
Remember the third set of RMB has just announced his retirement from the circulation market, the face value notes prices soared, and I was missing one of the three or four varieties, the first thought is to match two round with female Turner bank note. That day, I in the Confucius temple zhongtian YouBi market, turned around in the past, ask price, see the appearance, shop around, and finally with 130 yuan tickets bought five, gingerly clip in a book. Did not think of a few years in the past, now two custom oil painting round notes, and to one thousand yuan a piece.
On one occasion, I go to a bank, the lobby manager recommended to me a financial product, said in the end, you buy this product, will send a copy of the fourth set of RMB number with chao ZhenCangCe. She this sentence, let me heartache, just a little hesitant, I immediately decided to invest in. I thought to myself, the third set of RMB big full, value has been expensive, I was unable to complete. The fourth set, though still in circulation, but few on the market, met such a good opportunity, he le, moreover is complimentary. I forgot to consider the product return interest and dividends, also know to send the ZhenCangCe, the wool is on sheep's body, immediately on the counter products formalities, cheerfully carry this ZhenCangCe home.
Passionate about collection notes, and not for the investment and return, but older people often have to a kind of past life memories and memorial. From the collection of notes, bright thought of an era, a history of bright colors. Especially I see notes printed on the back of a variety of places of scenery, good things inspire me more respect the faith of love the great motherland.
As the third set of RMB on the back of the landscape: one round of grassland pastures, two circle a vast oil painting reproductions fields, the circle of rich mines. Both in pasture, oil field and mine, is refers to the overall, there is no specific point, only pick up round the great unity printing is tiananmen gate design. Perhaps, this with the country's political background related to people's living standards.
Reform and opening up, in the fourth set of RMB issued more than one round of bank notes are printed on the back of a specific places of scenery, show some characteristics of tourist attractions in China. That night, I opened the book ZhenCangCe under the lamp, to enjoy, lenovo, good humour.
One circle on the back of the scene is the badaling Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall history called the world nine fill one, is the essence and outstanding representative of the Great Wall, the Great Wall is open to tourists the first location. Badaling geographical environment is superior, since the ancient times is the gateway to shanxi, Inner Mongolia, zhangjiakou traffic arteries. So far, the badaling Great Wall has reception foreign visitors more than 120 million people, more than 370 foreign heads of state and the man of the world in the footprint. Gazing up at the spectacular picture, feel the hard struggle of the Chinese people and talent.
Two round the south sky pillar is printed on the back. It is located in hainan "tianyahaijiao" scenic spot. Pattern on a bill did art processing, let the boulder standing in the waves, seem to be ', actually the position of the stone is on the beach. Scientists say that in recent years, climate warming, rising sea levels, maybe one day two round the designs in the renminbi will become a reality. "South tianyi column" cliff state is said to be in the qing dynasty xuantong year book Fan Yun ladder.
The origin of "south tianyi column" is still a legend. According to legend a long time ago, the lingshui li has two fairy secretly descent, a description about, for the local fishermen's navigation fishing. Know very angry after, heavenly queen mother sent thunder thunder catch them back, not, into a bimodal stone, was split in two, a cut off in the midst of the sea, near the brecilian a piece adjacent to the fly to the end of the world, become today's "south tianyi column".
Brown wooden round the back of the landscape is the Yangtze river wu gorge. Since the wushan county east big NingHe, wu gorge, to badong county officer ferry, 46 km, a tells the is famous for its deep and beautiful in the world. Wu gorge peaks on both sides to twelve peaks, they are all so different, especially in the goddess peak is the most center qi qiao. "Xiufeng more than twelve, millions more sporadic peak." Wu gorge is the most coherent and neat canyon.
Printed round RMB is famous the world's highest peak, mount Everest. Mount Everest is located in China's border with Nepal, overlooking mount Everest from China, it is like a pyramid, a dignified stands between a row of xuefeng. This coin is tonal give priority to with dark blue, design it when consider the Everest for performance with this cool color attune.
Five round the back of the Yellow River hukou imposing scenery. Hukou waterfall is a marvel of the Yellow River basin, it is China's second largest waterfall. Hukou YiChuan county in shaanxi province and Shanxi Province at the junction of map of jixian. Huang Heliu to hukou, the sudden contraction of about 400 meters wide riverbed to 40 to 50 meters, the river pentium pour down, as from a giant hukou fall out, so the name "hukou". Due to water erosion, hukou waterfall upstream move a short distance, every year now five round notes on the scene, and a few hundred years later will disappear forever in the roar of the Yellow River water.
Face is the biggest one hk circle printed on the back is jinggangshan revolutionary base areas peaks. The jinggang mountains is located in the southwest of jiangxi province, is located in the hunan-kiangsi border provinces area in the middle of luoxiao mountains, ancient have "Chen scale hunan-kiangsi, area of thousands of luoxiao abdomen". In 1927, the Chinese communist party in jinggangshan created China's first rural revolutionary base areas. In the annals of the Chinese revolution, which is known as "the cradle of the Chinese revolution" to "the cornerstone" of the People's Republic of China "world number one mountain".
Now in the market, a large number of circulation of the fifth set of RMB, the scenery, I was very familiar with: just, mount tai, the peak, the Yangtze river three gorges, guilin landscape, the potala palace in Tibet. In my spare time, quietly, carefully taste, cultivate my sentiment, increase my knowledge, the sentiment in it, enjoy it.
Here, everyone like you, has been clear, the old man I were not obsessed, want to money to crazy, but addicted to collect notes, and especially love those who are already out of the market circulation of paper money. The money, we have seen touched, but now he inadvertently when treasure collection by people.
Is long time goes by, is the historical accumulation.
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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