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Brown small trematode Hobitza oil painting library west was born in Romania

About when rodin's assistant
"When once we no longer have a childlike innocence, but it was dead."
Brown small trematode Hobitza oil painting library west was born in Romania, is the second summer home, dad is planning a monastery, and his entire childhood with the father doing, hauled into tricomi home until eleven years old. Old brown library west couplet in carat tile (touch) language school of fine arts, also work through the production of furniture and fortune. After his country academy of fine arts in Bucharest learning mode and human sculptures, then step through grinding son together via the Bucharest, Vienna, Munich and Zurich, appreciate to Paris.
"In fact is not within the content, but the essence of things."
"Also create like god, like the biological products also send out the order, like to follow the same task."
This watch tending the paragraph surrounded by brown: the legend of library west and personally inscribed the gallows in Romania, the tiger himself all the furniture.
To deal with the sculpture of the tiller
"Is not the end of art, precise oil painting reproductions as usual but we may be on the verge of painting things lost concise nature."
The national academy of fine arts in Paris, he as auguste Rodin (August Rodin) assistant for further study. Nothing more than his left, the giants of the eye itself is the opinion of the meaning, created the subsequent changes in the works of contemporary sculpture looks. Library west brown is through "subtraction" to let his sculpture creation to the next level, characteristic of his work is a challenge with direct way, it interprets the relation of the works and information. Library west primary application of stone, bronze and brown wood work under the influence of primitive civilization, and many new village officials evacuated. He also likes unified theme or a piece of work for multiple versions of the creation, works together with the base to become part of the work.
For survival
"At the time of the hand of the sculptor be reversed, the data itself must continue its artificial life."
For the content and essence
Most with 7 other library west brown, let's row of hui people's words to congratulate his Roman characters. This, and let's help the farmer is on foot from Romania, to Paris for the sculpture art new development lines to lay a firm roots were the most painting artists may do basic things.
"The building is resting one sculpture."
The sculptor, art in Paris custom oil painting and halo was desolate support, and Henri Matisse (Henri Matisse), amor dior, morty in Nepal (Amedeo Modigliani) and Marcel Duchamp (Marcel Duchamp), and other people become the good friend. In 1913, after the armory show, he is still in the history of Alfred's gayle's (Alfred Stieglitz) Photo - Secession Gallery has held solo exhibition, making his works in the United States had a winning trade.
For the creation
Mention konstantin library west brown (Constantin Brancus) this name, let a person think of is a traveled the side of the door, and a name with this smell in eastern Europe. Indeed, he has to take off the dragon team led with a clever face, and it is always really he's pursuit of the occupied territories.
What "under the heart of the tree are long not to come out."
To deal with the construction of
To deal with the refined
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