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sample analysis art oil painting auction market conditions. Beijing poly, kuang shi HanHai

On February 9th, auction industry association of China issued in 2016 the national ten cultural art auction company, and this has been taken in association 6 years in a row in sample analysis art oil painting auction market conditions.
Beijing poly, kuang shi HanHai, go on to China, hangzhou, Beijing, guangdong last Ming chongzen DuoYunXuan RongBao, sincere a small room in Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, Beijing huachen 10 samples company always turnover accounted for about 60% of the country's market share. In this review, the reporter noted that taken in association with the "carry on the quality change" eight words to outline the 2016 art market.
Review, thinks that in 2016 the national cultural relics art auction market is basically stable, look from different lots, ancient calligraphy and painting become annual event, buddhist art, purple sand tea has a substantial increase, such as continued slide in contemporary painting and calligraphy, painting and contemporary art; Look from the sales structure, still showed a trend of "mass" reducing, spectacular increase, $one hundred million sale of 9 pieces (sets); Look from the industry construction, cultural relics auction management, ivory auction of cultural relics, such as buy oil painting import tariffs important breakthrough in laws, regulations and policies, and auction formats of benign building, industrial convergence, progress was made in capital strategy, etc.
Market size stabilization have to rise in 2016, the 10 special auction company held a total of 403 auction, art on cultural relics 64516 pieces (sets), 47162 pieces (sets), sell-through rate is 73.10%; Turnover is RMB 19.565 billion. Compared with the previous year, trading volume remained stable in 2016, and increased by 16.23%, recovered to 2014 levels. And these gains, kuang shi mainly comes from Beijing in this year's rapid growth, its sales a doubled last year ($4.804 billion); But look from the other nine companies, in 2016, the total turnover was essentially flat with the previous year (RMB 14.76 billion). From the market as a whole, art 2016 cultural relics auction markets.
Ancient painting and calligraphy led Chinese painting and calligraphy overall growth for the year 2016, 10 companies held a total of 149 Chinese painting and calligraphy auction, on 19555 pieces (sets), 14713 pieces (sets), conversion rates 75.24%, turnover of 12.385 billion yuan. Volume increase on the previous year 1658 pieces (sets), sales increase of 26.99%.
Porcelain yuk chun play, palace of art, such as the buddhist art, purple sand tea have different amplitude of growth for the year 2016, 10 companies special porcelain yuk chun play turnover year-on-year increase of 657 pieces (sets), sales growth of 7.85%. Court related art performance turnover year-on-year increase 52 pieces (sets), turnover increased by 15.18%. Buddhism art performance turnover year-on-year to reduce 214 pieces (sets), but the turnover was up 29.83%, and there were three special famous oil painting year more than one hundred million yuan. Purple sand tea with a special turnover year-on-year increase of 313 pieces (sets), turnover was up 44.25%, and there are 24 lots in 1 million yuan of above.
Oil painting and contemporary art, four omen, ancient books, COINS &stamps by category, such as 2016, 10 companies launched the oil painting and artistic now special performance volume from a year earlier to reduce 136 pieces (sets), turnover by 13.13%. Four special omen turnover year-on-year increase of 207 pieces (sets), but sales fell 10.33%. Ancient books fell special turnover year-on-year increase of 3360 pieces (sets), turnover was down 2.23%.
Items quality continued ascension in 2016, 10 companies item clinch a deal the average price of 414800 yuan/piece (set), have greater improvement in 2015 (365400 yuan). Items at the same time, high prices increased dramatically, sales more than $10 million items for a total of 265 pieces (sets), turnover was 7.872 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 81 pieces (sets) and 2.875 billion yuan, including 9 pieces (sets) lots of $one hundred million. This once again shows that "mass reduction" continue to be the current China's cultural art auction enterprise business strategy and market trends.
Sale price structure, 10 companies in 2016, 1 million yuan of above items share continued ascension, of 7.47%, up 0.71% year-on-year, 10 million yuan of above items, in particular, from 184 pieces (sets) increased to 184 pieces (sets), growth of 44.02%.
Special important brand 2016, 10 companies brought in 100% of the special performance, 39, 2.021 billion yuan, year-on-year increase 3 games and 580 million yuan, this fully shows that the auction companies on the special important academic planning and market operation ability increase year by year, and form their own brands. Among them, Beijing's poly "Chinese painting and calligraphy night" series, "the observatory evening" series of Chinese, Beijing kuang shi "orange" series, guangdong last Ming chongzen "nine cane random house" and other special attention widely.
In 2016, the sparkling section important items, yi yi is unripe brightness. Yuan dynasty Ren Renfa five Kings drunk to beings "147 bid, with 3.036 clinch a deal finally, set up this year's top auction record; Contemporary painting, panting excellent work, 10 million yuan of above items for a total of 17 pieces (sets), a total of 643 million yuan, accounted for 22.55% of the $ten million level contemporary painting turnover, became the leading role of Chinese calligraphy and painting market in 2016.
In addition, the review also thinks, art auction market in 2016 cultural relics are more than success, an important factor is the national regulation and policy related to cultural relics art important breakthrough. Such as promulgated by the state council on further strengthening the work of cultural relics of the guidance ", offered to "encouraging civil legal collection of cultural relics" and "strengthen the cultural relics market and social appraisement of standard management, actively promote the healthy development of the cultural relics auction markets". Such as the state administration of cultural heritage again issued the measures for the administration of cultural relics auction. Cultural relics auction ivory obtain legal status. Import tariffs to 3% again. In addition, the auction industry association of China on the basis of the auction business year, Chinese cultural relic artwork auction the highest award, and to establish the benchmark, played an important role in building a "benign forms".
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