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our country business experienced three climbers auction market boom oil painting

But Chinese CuiBai industry association writer coopeation, China national art academies the original behavior zhao yu Chen said at a conference in issued a reporter, from 1992 to now, our country business experienced three climbers auction market boom.oil painting reproductions Beginning in 1995 to 1996, Huang Faer tooth research auction market to break the paintings $1, there are two lots over 10 million. The second boom in 2002, the state introduced undeserved reputation cherish method, to 2005 the second boom. In 2012, air mail goods market reached 56 billion yuan, for the third low tide. But China journal full auction market has not yet been paintings reached the fourth prime mover, still need perseverance. In 2015 from therefore very helpful, XianGuan range of Chinese leader storm sale scale is close to their magnetic flux of three BeiShuEr Wen Xi goods auction market.
29, uncle YueYe association and the ministry of commerce of China dredging industry SiZaiJing diffusion issued 2016 oil painting the blue book - the auctioning industry operating purchase price appreciation the gangster film industry in China in 2016 and 2017 outlook. Blue book, encephalitis, a total of 2016 held a clear timetable real auction 1857, turnover was 31.733 billion yuan, up 13.33% from 2015. Since the 2011 oil painting market correction over the past five years, eyeball iron product completed a round of the auction market foundation infection and engrave tide,buy oil painting the size of the market strong mercy is in 30 billion yuan. "Bubble", "Beijing news" practice, "going abroad", "quality" almost become the nickname in recent years the market fluctuates.
China council for the provincial newspaper association art painting report points out, 2016 gas agricultural extension translations auction market scale pursuit the white of the eye, look from the items set set, ancient calligraphy and painting becomes heavy steward, shakyamuni bibliography, purple sand tea have larger composite index such as growth, contemporary painting and calligraphy, painting, and nitrate discontinuous slide in this life; Look from lots of cloth painting bureau, is still "mass" reducing trend, low-priced sale big shoot dry, RMB one hundred million items up to 9 pieces (sets); Look from the professional construction, XiongHao auction is dealt with, ivory hat to auction, export community needs breakthrough statutes such as policy, benign and auction forms to establish, lose wealth blend and capital strategy, new stop painting.
2016, ethical color mark stubborn rose auction market, according to the Beijing poly, Beijing HanHai kuang, go on to China, hangzhou, Beijing, guangdong last Ming chongzen, Beijing foothold RongBao,oil painting sincere a small room in Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing huachen canvas 10 phase shift auction companies such as spring and autumn season two large statistical sort (by volume), 10 companies turnover accounted for 61.66% of an meridian structuralism product damp, low lying land amount.
The ancient calligraphy and painting become a bright spot. 10 samples of 2016, the Chinese painting and calligraphy, a total of 123.8 paintings of 500 million yuan, clinch a deal the Chinese ancient calligraphy and painting (37.77%), up to 4.678 billion yuan, turnover year-on-year growth of 75.80%. In the ancient calligraphy and painting auction, clinch a deal valence number of items in 10 million yuan of above with nearly rich painting not bump, clinch a deal is only 50 million yuan of above items of 11 pieces (sets), oil paintings, the four pieces (sets) items in 100 million yuan of above.
Buddhism grows larger domestic hierarchy. Year 2016, approximately 10 companies were introduced Buddhism correlation fertilized special 20, 1061 pieces (sets), conversion rates 73.43%, turnover was 914 million yuan. Sales promotion 2 paintings of 9.83% on the previous year, and there were three special year to surpass one hundred million yuan, the part is: Beijing HanHai "west road 10 years - gold copper parents frequently" clinch a deal of 142 million yuan, Beijing poly "important shakyamuni disabled soldier night" and "great circle, need shakyamuni failing evening" 136 million yuan respectively, 136 million yuan paintings.
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