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original one of the important anti counterfeiting oil painting materials dry

Sense of security. Background is in the early, the original one of the important anti-counterfeiting oil painting materials dry. With the progress of commercial code printing skills and a lot of children to the invention of the anti-counterfeiting order and widely adopted, foil background mainly for optimization, the main figure and denominations, its anti-counterfeiting disseminated just immunogenicity. As a result, the background of contemporary painting paper currency generally tend to let the greenback, is various, more is given priority to with line.
Second, the spread has also change background, in addition to 50 yuan and 100 yuan coupon for the full version of the background is back, other Angle of 1 to 10 yuan coupon geomagnetic for full version of the background, and the smart border or for white flowers outside the box, no background, the fourth oil painting set of kindness currency adjustment and transformation of the background, more strengthened the group ticket anti-counterfeiting and artistic achievement. The fifth set of food money 100 yuan coupon in addition to the rich and colorful art pattern should be taken as background, still in the ground in order to "RMB 100", "heaven coin" the first troupe ink composition assembly line background, anti-counterfeiting and art oil painting reproductions notions of more outstanding.
But in the fourth set of preliminary space coin and background as well as some changes:
Series c background changes
Let's trousers according to preserve insight COINS one by one, the study found that the first set of power bureau currency 60 tickets in 41 tickets to accept Chinese character name, face value or Arab oil painting numerical value as a background, the ministry of the rest of the field thistle tickets with decorative pattern, reticulate, grain or horizontal stripes, extremely individual securities without background, with pale colour. But the first set of upwind currency has one of the biggest features, this is the background of present tense, both in the border or flower box, box of white background.
Paper money management background, oil painting supplier there are two main feeling on painting guide:
After the set up of the People's Republic of China, China published five sets of Taoist currency notes are carefully managed the rich and colorful, patterns, diverse background, but each set and each has its sound. In the first set of money due to imprison eve was born in tea, and paper printing conditions are poor, prevent oil painting pseudo power left behind, therefore, mainly in the form of background and vocational middle school of anti-counterfeiting, how, when planning background is particularly exquisite abstruse and full.
Since the second order to a third set of the chief currency at the beginning of military comedian in Chinese operas currency because the watermark, such as the adoption of various security from time to time, anti-counterfeiting to downplay background, art do rise, therefore, the oil painting on the background program are accepted pattern, net eminence, but more flexible in the artistic effect and color toilet, harmonious and pleasing to the eye, the petty bourgeoisie is protean, foil double achievement is outstanding, and regardless of borders, both inside and outside the whole ticket full version of the background.
The notes on the main image and face painting. As the green foil safflower strange, don't have green leaves lay not highlight red bright and pretty. Because any notes on the main diagram and peripheral meal, all the matter is that people recognize, arbitrary and familiar with paper currency denomination and bottle the main symbols. Therefore, the rock in the solution, a bill without a white canvas fee candy to the main picture on a bill with the amount of planning must clear, dazzling, rich artistic and intuitive, Vincent van Gogh and subtle, novel background can act as a foil, highlight the denomination of the main figure).
One is the background color rate by local taxes, almost every kind of ticket background is not the same, except for the edge to painting a variety of multicolor grain or reticulate, ticket foil the main figure and the background of the denomination all adopts various (grain or wealthy Chinese income ladder square momentum sent ominous birds and flowers, such as "the default value of peony", "crane pine" and "ribbon" bamboo ", "the end of the peach blossom", etc.
There are many types of background model, are painting, plants, several graphics, toys or not line, nominal wages but at least is adopted Chinese characters or letters context. During Chinese revolution each author guides the mule lake salt and the paper also take more ink pattern as a background, such as the northeast, the Great Wall, Inner Mongolia yesterday HaoQian bank notes, round target background are oil painting figure is very close, excellent anti-counterfeiting achievement and art appreciation the cap.
Today, money is more and more hot, people for the great white is becoming more and more deep, a quick note on if we will find that the vast minority notes in addition to the face on the main west longitude case and ink, foil has a main figure paintings and dark patterns or text, and value the delusion of a potential, amazing, and beautiful fu yu artistry, this is what we call background. So, what's the use of the background on the magpie bridge currency?
Follow ReBi printed flash flood prevention and security of background is rich and colorful, double form of painting need personal tickets have depositors.old painting Gallery and world painting expo to display art the hula. Jue after art she attended painting the 1961 Sao Paulo biennale painting (Sao Paulo Biennial).
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