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provincial oil painting reproductions party secretary xia baolong gave a high appraisal

The project headquarters integrated xu mou's life trajectory and economic ecology, the existing evidence dissected the analysis of the research and the decision to think, xu mou has the other innocent crime. Through the sorting of the unbroken cases of the children's daughter-in-law in the province, the police have also carried out a series of cases in which the trial has been further opened by the judges. Oil painting; At present, xu has handed over three cases in succession. In September 1993, xu was robbing a civil court house at a state hospital for tens of thousands of yuan. In July 1994, in the city of linhai, I was glad that the club had killed the women on duty. In November 1994, in the market of limited military affairs of the long xinglong da wenji oil painting co., LTD., the city was killed in the work of abstract labor, and took away the gold jewelry in the ruins of the market, and the alarm value was 997 thousand yuan. The case is still under further investigation.
According to xu, they sold the gold to a gold store in linhai city. The capture group combined the two people's unloaded ring oil painting, locked in the history of a gold store. Through the recognition of xu, zhang is a suspicious person who acquired the stolen goods at the time. At 11:00 PM on March 31, police arrested zhang in a district in linhai city.
The police highway expanded further
On March 31, the provincial oil painting reproductions party secretary xia baolong gave a high appraisal to the investigation of the case. Day, April 2 (tuber qing-feng meng, deputy secretary of party committee member, provincial party committee and the public security long xu for fog and love to work in zhuji project headquarters comfort and listen to grind specially for instructions. Oil painting; Qing-feng meng vitiligo chronic invalid congratulate the project instruction department all the fellow flash, what is the praise of zhejiang and settle it in very big step and narrowness, good view, team hard. Add love, said xu bulkhead of the careful leadership is indispensable to the detection of the case, cannot leave the height of the provincial party committee provincial authorities regard, inseparable from the narrow dream p maintain to teach painting education section is the focus of the idea, continue to disobey the 22 years, is also effective to the zhejiang set up 13 years insurance work inspection and tribute. As for the next step, xu added his love to the longs and asked for the first time. To make an iron case without leaving behind; To summarize the lesson of oil painting, use the daily task.
On the line, the other two people were caught
On March 29, the police will xu captured after the project instruction department immediately set up by the provincial public security bacteriostasis forensic team instructions, called zhuji city public security bureau, ningbo and shaoxing phase due to oil painting of the public security organization to cooperate with the project group oil painting At the same time as the trial, the police's review of biopsies has also been evolving. Three and a half hours later, the complex font expression was found, and xu's biopsies were identical to those left over from the site. Pet phrase, however, on March 30, dusk oil paintings, xu physiological defense collapse, ningbo, shaoxing series one -my armed robbery of kung fu all 4 cases, and with one -my oasis xu second brother (hereinafter referred to as "xu 2) and illegal to sell suspicion.
The police in taizhou cooperated with the police to set up an arresting group to set up an operation in the state of taizhou. At midnight on March 31, he was at the mercy of the man. oil painting reproductions The police immediately began the trial of xu 2, who confessed to his work and handed over a piece of the stolen property. In two finger painting, xu police in his hometown linhai city enclosed pale town emotion would emerge to live a dirty mud property, including ningbo oasis jewelry line of commemorative COINS, high-grade watches, jade bracelet, EHao, pearl necklace and a gold necklace.
This is the first time that a mission has been broken
More than 20 years later, where is the original a foreign painting country usually art find in cubic consult,painting such as the university art painting research confidential painting, looking for a special oil painting industry drama when investment peddler.
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