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Peter Paul Rubens painting with his voice expressed the defending world peace

Peter Paul Rubens painting with his voice expressed the defending world peace
"Maybe I should go out to travel, to forget the sad constantly emerging."
- Rubens
Peter Paul Rubens (Peter Paul Rubens) in 1577 a 1640 carats just lose the only daughter, then in 1626, his wife died of the black death and Isabella. In the face of upheaval, he only choose to accept diplomatic mission to continuously "run away" to heal.
Mediate the west the dispute between the two countries, became his most remarkable prominent achievements.
In 1628, the Spanish began to change the belligerent attitude to Britain, then MiZhao Rubens as a negotiator.
Rubens to Spain, found that the young king Philip iv ardent love art degree, surprised the king visited him every day. In April 1629, he personally go to the UK, as the matter of the alliance.
King Charles I of England itself is an art patron and collectors, see Rubens, a more personable and intelligent people to its leave deep impression.
"Rubens, you of painting achievement is very here, I want to fee of 3000 pounds, entrust you with the engineering decoration state banquet hall, there are 9 pictures hope to describe the first emperor of great achievements."
Charles I said "regarding an alliance with Spain, of which there are international diplomatic situation of realistic consideration. Believe that you are very clear, its alliance with the German, unless agreed with each other, or not to rob the peace with Spain. What's more, my only sister has also with the German prince married."
"Your majesty, your concerns I understand."
Rubens after return to room, thought: "how to break the deadlock?" Looked at the easel painting, Rubens mood fell to the bottom, "the king is sure my talents, but after all, a state returned, even if it is a good personal relationship, between I and Kings also of no help, can draw what's the use?"
To glance at the easel painting, Rubens suddenly in a flash, said excitedly: "who said that painting was useless? The king is a people who know their painting, he must know my picture in what to say."
Rubens force and not to mention his pen, began to draw the picture with a painting of the great peace task.
On this day, Rubens painting visit Charles I.
"O king, I know that you love art, therefore, specially drew this picture for you."
"Thank you for your intention, I'm so happy."
Charlie beside the yeare the he goes to the painting, focus on looking at the picture, don't say a word.
Oil painting: minerva to defend the peace, the painter: Rubens
Oil painting: "minerva defense of peace", the painter: Rubens
Picture, the god of wisdom minerva struggling to push away the ares, goddess of destruction panic to lead the ares retreat; Shadow after war, goddess of peace with breast milk in charge of the wealth of young children, a woman carrying gold and silver jewelry, and another woman jubilantly play the wonderful music, all immersed in the joy of peace in the world.
It turns out that understands diplomacy oil painting reproductions Rubens, mapped the allegorical paintings "minerva defending peace" gave Charles I.
"Your majesty, the day of peace for the people bring happiness and prosperity."
"You are the god of hope I and intelligent minerva, do a defend peaceful warrior!" Touched by the king, coupled with tight financial position also does not allow war, finally decided to sign a peace treaty with Spain.
Rubens with a brush, won an art diplomatic battle.
In 1630, king Charles I of England as the recognition of merit, bestowed Rubens chivalry, a sword and a diamond ring. In 1631, the Spanish king Philip iv knight titles awarded to him.
He with excellent talents, a painting to the creation of new bureau, peace negotiations success this time.
Rubens, not only is a leading European painter, is a distinguished diplomat.

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